Congratulations to the following Seven Brides for Seven Brothers cast members.

We are pleased to announce the cast for this production. We would like to thank everyone for coming in to audition. We had a lot of new faces join us this year and we are excited to work with you, both as a cast and in the chorus. Choosing the cast for any play is always difficult as many factors have to be considered. Having said that, here are the leads for this production. – Bonnee Taggart

Adam- Shane Hill
Benjamin- Rob Willis
Caleb- Eric Rawlins
Daniel- Brett Parson
Ephriam- Korey Payne
Frank- Preston Pyper
Gideon- Christopher Snow

Milly- Shalyn Brown
Dorcus- Katie Johnson
Ruth- Katy Rawlins
Liza- Cheri Carlson
Martha- Carissa Lewis
Sarah- Anna-Liisa Duncan
Alice- Rachel Worthington

Mr. Hoallum- AJ Grigg
Mrs. Hoallum- Charlene Grigg
Mr. Sanders- Kevin Elwood
Mrs. Sanders- Gaylene George
Mr. Perkins- Jeff Coletti
Mrs. Perkins- Leslie Jack

Jonathan Whiting
Bruce Kotter
Nathan Jones
Loren HonneyCutt
Landon Meikle
Patrick Wilson

The rest of the ensemble will be selected from the chorus.
The Brothers and Brides need to start Rehearsal Tuesday March 20th. All rehearsals will be held at Bonneville High School in the band room at 7:00 P.M. Please be on time as Gayleen starts rehearsal right at 7.
The remaining named characters as well as all chorus are to begin on Friday March 23rd at Bonneville High School at 7:00 P.M. Once again, BE ON TIME!