Congratulations to the cast of Sounds Summer Musical’s 2020 production of The Music Man!

Mayor Shinn– Terry Hale
Mrs. Shinn – Jerelyn Roth
Gracie Shinn – Evelyn Jenkins
Zanita Shinn – MecKenna Stevens
Tommy Djilas – Dalton Kohler
Harold Hill – Rob Willis
Marian Paroo – Tammy Hale
Widow Paroo – Barbara D. Johnson
Winthrop Paroo – Rhys Bere
Amaryllis – Amelia Larsen
Marcellys Washburn – Matt Larsen
Conductor/Constable – Robert Beazer
Ethel Toffelmier – Chelsie Carson
Charlie Cowell – Mike Todd

Ewart Dunlop – Ryan Carroll
Jacey Squires – Chris Semrad
Oliver Hix – Braxton Bird
Olin Britt – Steve Bird

Quartet Wives:
Maude Dunlop – Emily Marshall
Mrs. Squires – Autym Edwards
Alma Hix – April Jensen
Mrs. Britt – Gaylyene George

Thanks, also, to the many others who will participate this year in the chorus, orchestra, and in other production capacities.

2020 The Music Man - Production